The real world is beautiful and we want to show it to our kids. We want them to know that our choices are important and that we really can have an impact on the world as long as we chose to do so. We believe that it is the simplicity that we need to build the creativity.

Kids want to build, to create, to make but they don't want to be limited by artificial and pointless barriers. They love to play with cars, but they lack the tracks to imitate real roads, that could fit the cars of their choice.

Parents are looking for safe products to support kids' development and play. They want to buy well- designed products. Toys that not only look good on the shelves, but are universal to play and easy to store. In the end, its parents who help with the cleanup. 

That is why we created what we couldn't find on the market: wide and flexible roads to build, designed in a simple way, that give a lot of possibilities. You can build them the way You want, in the place You like and play with the cars of Your choice. We have packed them in handy boxes that can serve both for play and for storage of Your favourite roads. And cars!

ToddleRoad tracks are totally safe even for the youngest children: we checked them mechanically, physically and chemically. We make them in Europe. And they smell with vanilla.