Are you looking for the best beach toy? Or rather what to play with in the bathtub? Either one - you are in a right place. No matter if your kids prefer to use their water toys while bathing and flooding the bathroom floor or you play outside and look for the coolest toys: ToddleRoad will do the job.

In creating ToddleRoad, I initially did not plan to design a bath toy for a 2-year-old, nor a beach toy. Yet it turned out that my children like to play with everything in the bathtub and we need more water toys, and preferably ones that can be played with both in water and sand. After ideas like "I'll take a wooden car and see if it can swim" and playing with blocks that are too small and can fall into the drain, we tried building tracks in the water and on the edge of the tub. And so ToddleRoad streets became a favorite bath toy in our house.

I knew that the roads were an awesome toy for vacation and play on the beach, that they would work great as a sand and water toy - because they are super sturdy, large (so it's easy to find and control the spreading of the pieces around the beach), flexible and waterproof. After all, how many sand castles can you build XD And building tunnels and a race track out of sand turned out to be just as much fun. We took the streets on vacation, by the way, regardless of the direction: the boys played with them on the rocky beach in Croatia as much as on the sand in the Baltic Sea. They worked great as a camping toy or a camper toy - because again: they take up little space, are great to build anywhere and don't require our involvement. So we could park the camper, put the kids out with a blanket and ToddleRoad streets in front of the car and get busy, knowing that the kids would immediately start playing and not run away from us to the other end of the campsite in search of the best playground. Anyway, as a sandbox toy, ToddleRoad works pretty well on a daily basis: my kids have a playground in front of the house, and in our sandbox they also like to build sandcastles and surround them with a road that leads them to more adventures.

For me as a Mom, it's important that this cool toy that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. I'm not an overly pedantic person, but it matters to me that when the kids are sick and touch everything with their paws full of germs, I can easily clean up later. That, when the streets get dirty with great play fun at the beach, all I have to do is rinse them from the sand and throw them in the dishwasher - I can then get on with more pleasant things.