Have a question about ToddleRoad? Check the most common doubts and questions we are asked. If there is no answer for what bothers You, don’t hesitate to ask! 

1. There are different series of ToddleRoad. Do they match?

Yes. You can mix them any way You want, use the Racing elements to build one-way streets in the city or use the crossroads to make Your circuit more difficult.

2. I want a bigger ToddleRoad set. Can I just buy spare elements? 

Yes. We are working on that possibility, they will be available soon.

3. Are You planning some other series and elements of ToddleRoad?

Sure we do! We keep working on them. You can sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of our website) to make sure You will not miss any information.  We will also write about it on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Is ToddleRoad a perfect toy?

Hmm... do they exist?

It all comes up to Your expectations. Every problem has a different solution, however, we like to think that some solutions can be applied to more than one problem… If You care for ecology and durability of the products You buy, if You want them to be as versatile as possible, giving many options of use, if You are looking for toys that stimulate problem solving and creative thinking - welcome, ToddleRoad is the brand for You. If You are active and look for toys that Your kid can take with them anywhere, that are easy to pack and store - perfect! Because that is exactly how we came up with the idea of ToddleRoad. And once we had it - we just had to show it to the world.

5. Are the tracks disconneting by themselves?

By themselves? No. But keep in mind that they are flexible, so in an energetic play they might be pushed away. However, we made them very easy to connect and they have a cool grip, so they usually stay together. It's the flexibility of the material that makes it possible to build through obstacles, doorsteps… but at the place where they link there is less material to keep the elements together, so it is easier to bend and disconnect. 

6.What can be done about it?

There are some options. One is to make the connectors as simple as possible - so that the toddlers playing with ToddleRoad could connect the roads by themselves. We could have also gone in the opposite direction and make the connectors much more complicated. However, Your assistance in play would be than obligatory - not optional, and this is something we wanted to avoid. We chose to give Your kids simple tools to help stimulate their fine motor skills and give You an opportunity to watch their development instead of doing it for them.

Another solution is to make the elements as big as possible to reduce the connections - as You know, we also did it. Our elements are 29cm long - and as far as we know, there is no track with longer elements ones on the market.

Yet another option is to go for higher hardness of the natural rubber. However, the roads would lose its usefulness because they wouldn’t be as flexible, it would be harder to build them on uneven surfaces and they might be breakable. We are sure about it, because it took us few years to create ToddleRoad. We checked every single of the solutions above. If You want to have ToddleRoad build in a stable way, You can always use some adhesive tape at the bottom, just go for the masking kind, not duct. 

7. Does ToddleRoad catch dirt easily?

Not more than the other toys of Your kid. But, since the road is black, the dirt is better visible, that’s for sure. Thankfully, you can throw them in the dishwasher. Just remember to dry them thoroughly before You store them away.

8. When will the Racing series be available again?

It will be for sure - but it's hard to tell when. We are working on it :)