The idea behind ToddleRoad is trivially simple: a car tracks that all your child's vehicles fit into. It's a cool car toy that you can arrange wherever you want - in the way that suits you (or actually - your child). Do you want to take ToddleRoad to the beach to build a street race track on the sand? Or do you prefer tracks that are easily laid out on carpet? A typical carpet with streets doesn't suit you? Choose your ToddleRoad set and let your child build it himself and play cars they love.

We at ToddleRoad don't believe in toys for boys and toys for girls. We believe in children's imagination and ingenuity, in children's need to play in harmony with their development. We know how important it is to support children in building independence and dexterity: that's why ToddleRoad streets are easy-to-build tracks for toddlers already - it truly is the best car toy. If you're wondering which cool toy for a 3-year-old, looking for the best gift for a 2-year-old, browsing toys for a preschoolers and don't know what to decide on - because you want it to be an engaging toy for years to come, not something that will end up in the corner a week after their birthday - it's great that you're here 🙂

What's more, we designed ToddleRoad tracks with the help of child development specialists: a teacher, a hand therapist. Our flexible roads are easy to build for two-year-olds, because they take into account their fine motor skills and spatial development. The roads are durable (it's silicone, the same as in teethers or baby dishes), waterproof and dishwasher safe. In addition, the zero-waste box is also a children's car garage. It doesn't matter if your child loves wooden cars, race toys or toy trucks. They will all fit in ToddleRoad.

ToddleRoad is a sturdy toy that takes up little space, interesting for children of all ages and allows you to engage your children in an active play - giving you a moment to rest.

We make pretty cool toys!