We - as parents and we - as manufacturers. We know how important it is to give children the best safe toys, to support children's development in play and in everyday life. We know that, both our children and us, parents, reach for what is convenient, hence the so frequent afternoons in front of the screen. After all, wanting to quickly finish up with the chores, we turn on Paw Patrol or other cartoons for the little ones - and there's nothing wrong with that, as long as we care about the quality of the content as much as the time spent in front of the screen. But there are times when (due to work overload or lack of ideas) the minutes of TV watching turn into hours, and we find it increasingly difficult to change the habit. I know it, trust me, we are getting out of it again, because once again we had such a time that we worked too much, and so the children spent a little more time with the cartoons, than we intended.

Being aware of how easy it is to upset the balance between the valuable play, training fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination or just plain boredom, vs. the action-filled time on the screen, we got involved in the "Unplug, Join" project.

This is a campaign to support parents and teachers in kindergartens and schools in inventing and engaging children in offline activities. And also, in teaching them how to use tools like phones and tablets wisely. Because we believe that taking away a child's phone is not a solution. It's important to replace it with engaging activities. And to learn how to use the phone wisely, but use it. Because, after all, it is a great tool for learning about the world.


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